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Wearable Lighting

lumion technology is excellent choice if you are looking for wearable lightings. Flexible and robust material cynergizes with the experienced and adept team lumion members, making your event and product shine with brilliance.

Tell us more about your dream and we will make it a reality.

Fashion Design

Fashion has always been about challenge, imagination, and inspiration.

lumion technology illuminated many stages with various techniques - embroidery, piping, and weaving to name a few.


Special Outfit

lumion was at the main focus in Pyeongchang during the 2018 Winter Olympics. During opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics, lumion showed its brilliance with its unique wearable lighting technology behind the scene.

The core technology of lumion is about being magical with smaller power unit, easier control, and various effects.


Apparels and more

Bags, caps, backpacks, outdoor clothings and more. lumion technology can be applied to various types of apparel products. lumion can not only be used to enhance visibility and safety, but also provide entertainment, joy and laughter with sensor and IOT technology.

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