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lumion technology has its root in safety and health support, and continues to provide reliable and robust lighting for those who are in hazardous environment.

With more than 15 years of experience, team lumion is able to provide the most suitable, sustainable, and safe solution for your need. 

Safety Signage

lumion technology is used in many safety products, and a safety signage is one of them. With thin, flexible and easy to apply lumion signage is perfect for making your construction site and workplace a safer place.


Safety Clothing

lumion smart wearable lighting product is a perfect example of lumion technology. With various censor technology, lumion safety clothings provide hard-to-miss visual signals whenever the environment changes. lumion safety clothings can be applied not only to safety jackets, but also your uniforms and sportswears thanks to lumion's compact rechargeable lighting unit.


Protective Gears

Helmets and safety gears can be fitted with lumion technology to create illuminating parts to indicate person's location or hazards nearby.

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